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Evidence-based Trauma Treatments

By ReneeChanelle | Feb 1, 2022

A trained therapist will be able to guide you as to what may work for you … and it can even take numerous types of therapy in combination to be able to move past a traumatic event (PTSD) or overcome behaviours and triggers/responses for those with Complex PTSD. These are a few of the most…

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Note, It's your life!

Dr Bruce Lipton: Money is energy, change your life by reprogramming your subsconcious

By ReneeChanelle | Jan 16, 2022

Money is energy: listen to Dr Bruce Lipton talking about epigenetics and hypnotherapy, healing yourself & how building wealth is about health.

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Change Globally from 2020

By ReneeChanelle | Dec 31, 2021

Since the COVID-19 global lockdowns, the way we live has changed forever & will continue to evolve, which can be stressful unless you’re okay with some level of uncertainty. Since the start of 2020, everyone’s ‘normal’ has shifted, some more than others. No one thought a global lockdown was possible, yet it happened. When you’ve…

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Gut-Health links to Anxiety & Depression

By ReneeChanelle | Jul 6, 2021

There’s a reason we intuitively “trust our gut” instincts, and now we understand that the gut is actually the second brain. Gut-Health is finally a topic we’re discussing and becoming increasingly important. Neural cells like those found in the brain are also found in the heart and also in the gut. We don’t just use…

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Meditation + NeuroFeedback

By ReneeChanelle | Jun 24, 2021

meditation with neurofeedback is the fastest way to understand how different brainwaves states feel. Learn how to change your brainwaves or state, then do it without the tech assistance.

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Science is Dynamic

By ReneeChanelle | May 24, 2021

There are a lot of ‘buzz words’ out there, like mindfulness, mindset, psychology, head-space, heart-space and that’s just in the coaching & counselling rhelms. The business rhelm has another set of terminology. Change management incorporates many of them – these normally appear in a type of bingo covertly played between colleagues during management or team…

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Change on a Global scale

By ReneeChanelle | Feb 19, 2020

At the time of writing this, the latest threat to the Status Quo is the Corona Virus that is sweeping through China with such a high mortality rate. Numerous borders are already being closed and individual countries taking similar precautions as they see fit. It will likely continue to be hugely disruptive to international markets,…

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Molecular Hydrogen Water

By ReneeChanelle | Dec 29, 2019

What is molecular hydrogen water? Hydrogen water is created when magnesium is disolved to create tiny molecular hydrogen bubbles in the water which has many health benefits. We’ve tried a couple of different brands and this one definitely has the most noticable effect. Quick review We’ve been using the H2 tabs for a few months…

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‘Deciding’ to raise your standards!

By ReneeChanelle | Dec 2, 2019
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