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Gut-Health links to Anxiety & Depression

By ReneeChanelle | Jul 6, 2021

69 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO There’s a reason we intuitively “trust our gut” instincts, and now we understand that the gut is actually the second brain. Gut-Health is finally a topic we’re discussing and becoming increasingly important. Neural cells like those found in the brain are also found in the heart and…

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Meditation + NeuroFeedback

By ReneeChanelle | Jun 24, 2021

meditation with neurofeedback is the fastest way to understand how different brainwaves states feel. Learn how to change your brainwaves or state, then do it without the tech assistance.

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Science is Dynamic

By ReneeChanelle | May 24, 2021

59 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO There are a lot of ‘buzz words’ out there, like mindfulness, mindset, psychology, head-space, heart-space and that’s just in the coaching & counselling rhelms. The business rhelm has another set of terminology. Change management incorporates many of them – these normally appear in a type of bingo…

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Change on a Global scale

By ReneeChanelle | Feb 19, 2020

60 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO At the time of writing this, the latest threat to the Status Quo is the Corona Virus that is sweeping through China with such a high mortality rate. Numerous borders are already being closed and individual countries taking similar precautions as they see fit. It will likely…

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Molecular Hydrogen Water

By ReneeChanelle | Dec 29, 2019

What is molecular hydrogen water? Hydrogen water is created when magnesium is disolved to create tiny molecular hydrogen bubbles in the water which has many health benefits. We’ve tried a couple of different brands and this one definitely has the most noticable effect. Quick review We’ve been using the H2 tabs for a few months…

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‘Deciding’ to raise your standards!

By ReneeChanelle | Dec 2, 2019
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UnF*ck Yourself: Gary J Bishop

By ReneeChanelle | Nov 19, 2019

Review coming soon

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Super Human : Dave Asprey

By ReneeChanelle | Nov 19, 2019

One of the most comprehensive books on Anti-Aging and hacking your health in general. Dave Asprey is both researcher and author, and describes it in an accessible way for us mere mortals how we can hack our bodies at a cellular level.  The science and human elements make this book one that is easy to…

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Raising Kids

By ReneeChanelle | Nov 16, 2019

Being a parent and finding yourself responsible for programming a small human to enable them to grow into a healthy, happy and fulfilled adult is huge, that is, when you get a chance to reflect for more than 2 minutes” amongst the organised chaos that is parenthood. Particularly for those that are doing it primarily…

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