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At the time of writing this, the latest threat to the Status Quo is the Corona Virus that is sweeping through China with such a high mortality rate. Numerous borders are already being closed and individual countries taking similar precautions as they see fit. It will likely continue to be hugely disruptive to international markets, economies and trade, having a domino effect world wide. Centralised manufacturing in China has become a significant risk factor to global supplies of important foundation medicines and many other goods that we've become accustomed to at a cheap price. Globalisation in an economic sense has many benefits, but also comes at a cost in other ways with inherent risk factors. Even with the contingencies in place at this time there are no guarantees.

This is just the latest example of the motivations behind launching this site – We need alternatives … life is too short and time is too precious! Self-empowered healing and rapid transformation is possible in many cases.


Industries with a high level of human interaction may be indirectly impacted by fear of the illness and also limit interactions in social context, with self-isolation recommended as being the safest option. Online interactions and businesses have become the new safe haven for both clients and practitioners.

This  type of situation puts a different perspective on business (for those that are conscious of the implications), time is our most valuable asset, money can't buy it back. Spending your life & majority of your time "chasing the money" when it can be devalued in minutes by the market, just doesn't make cents (sense).

Millennials and younger generations are disillusioned by social constructs and systems that don’t work for them and are even punitive in some instances. Innovation seems to be a dirty word in many organisations. Maintaining power & control structures seem to be the highest priority for those who are afraid of losing it. Why would the next generations ‘fall in line’ and buy into this? or choose to be part of systems that have no benefit to them in the long term , educational, economic, institutional... ??

The housing market is just a game of monopoly, and debt is what keeps us on the treadmill.  What is the benefit of continuing to play the corporate game? There are many who have become wise to this and are deciding not to buy into that way of life. There are so many questions like this that we could be asking ourselves to reorient our trajectory.
You might be able to tell that this is something I'm passionate about, so more posts may appear on topics like this, but I'm trying to keep this post short & sweet.

So what are the alternatives ??

Believe it or not there are many, however, cultural conditioning, expectations, maintaining a false sense of status & egoic concerns may be barriers to entry for some… but it’s purely individual choice and there’s honestly no right or wrong way to design your life… however, ask yourself if you’re designing life consciously ... or subconsciously repeating learned patterns from childhood or early adulthood? Are you seeking externally, and listening to everyone elses 'opinions' on twitter, youtube, facebook etc. for guidance rather than ‘deciding’ for yourself what’s right for you?

Learning to trust your intution or 'trust your gut' again is something that many struggle with, so you're not alone. Establishing an 'empowered sense of self' doesn't always happen during development, particularly if you've experienced trauma during childhood. Trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD at any life stage can have a devastating impact in this regard.

These are questions I have asked myself too, so if you’re interested in what we have learned so far and continue to discover... follow, subscribe, you know the drill 😉  ... there are many differing perspectives, and the more we consider others POV's and why they are that way, the more we tend to understand ourselves. After all that's what it's all about!

Psychologist Jordan Peterson has some interesting and relevant ideas on knowing oneself (as well as one can do of course) but I digress.

The search for a more balanced and empowered lifestyle. Healing and freeing ourselves from past patterns & conditioning. Everyone has a slightly different set of criteria, standards, values and rules they live by, many of which operate on a subconscious level.

The subconscious is something we now know how to access and change, and there are numerous experts showing us how.

Living in 'survival mode' has become the norm for many, and it’s aging us, making us unhealthy and forcing us to suppress and repress our emotions to maintain a facade of "having it all together". When in fact we live in an increasingly individualistic society where loneliness is the new epidemic. Many don’t feel they can be authentically themselves and be accepted, a subconscious and sometimes conscious fear of rejection. There are many valid reasons why we behave the way we do, but once you're aware or conscious of these, it then becomes your responsibility. The choice then becomes whether you want to change, without judgement.

There are many hypotheses and theories around why many people have become excessively Narcissistic and self-loathing to the point that they harm others in the same way they themselves where wounded, but that's another topic.

Those who say you “can’t” change yourself or your situation, usually have their own agendas in keeping us “in our lane”, or possibly projecting their own fears onto others … meaning, with all good intentions they want us to be safe … but the only way they know how, is to teach others with what they’ve learned to fear.

Even when circumstances and times have changed, traumatic memories and the emotions attached to these will keep people stuck in behavioural loops. The mind, body, spirit connections are key to understanding how to adapt to change, become more resilient, and breakthrough barrier once thought impossible to overcome.

It’s those with the most adaptable mindset that thrive!

Which is why Haut Altitude was created ... to help people become self-empowered and take their lives to the next level, in an authentic and self-directed way. Finding the right guide or coach can help you to get there quicker if you're committed to doing the work?

If you’ve read this rant this far, firstly thank you & secondly, you’re likely to be 'our people' ... open minded enough to consider all avenues to success and/or interested enough in learning more about oneself and more topics mentioned. We’ll also be adding relevant products that may be useful/helpful for self-empowered transformation and other interesting shiny things to the store. Have a great week!

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