What is Rapid Transformation Therapy?

Hear from the creator of RTT herself, Marisa Peer.

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"Live life on your terms"

It's a simple concept that can seem difficult and sometimes impossible to do. Particularly if you feel "trapped" by obligations, and don't want to disappoint or hurt those who rely on you, but can't see how to change it. Your dream lifestyle seems out of reach so you resign yourself to following the 'safe' path... or worse, feel that you have no power to make the changes needed and adopt a victim mindset.

You have the power to change your life!

Transformational Coaching is not like traditional therapy, it's 'down to earth' and future focused, because not everyone wants to spend years unpacking the past, or to revive traumatic memories.

We acknowledge the past has created the patterns and subconscious programs, but only in order to ditch what doesn't work and create new healthier habits and patterns that will propel you to whatever altitude you choose to fly.

Using Transformational Coaching Methods, "changes can happen in an instant when you decide to change them, and you're ready to take action".

Your Therapist & Coach

Our EXTRAORDINARY Transformational coaches: each with a uniquely gifted approach

Renee Chanelle 2012

Rapid Transformation Practitioner / Intuitive TRANsFORMATIONAL COACH

Renee Chanelle

Many challenging experiences can't be truly understood unless you've experienced them, which is why I choose to work as an Rapid transformation Therapy practitioner. It combines my real life experience and healing with a method to get you unstuck much quicker than I did before discovering RTT.

I also work energetically & intuitively in both RTT and coaching, which helps me understand your situation quicker.

When it comes to guiding you through the healing process, research & evidence based methods are important component. These are similar to those used by psychologists and therapists who use other primary modalities.

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We love researching the latest innovative ways to help you reach a "higher altitude" in Life, Business, Health, Relationships and Career.

Intuitive Insights + Science

We use research based
transformational  methodologies.

Plus personalised recommendations on Products, Services and the latest techniques appropriate to your goals are provided by coaches.


We're passionate about helping, empowering and educating others who are aiming for a higher altitude in life.

Transformational Coaching considers all foundational factors in your life, yet focuses on the future to help you breakthrough to achieve balance and integration in a holistic way, Understanding your needs, and how to meet them at a higher level, and in a healthier way.


We believe in authenticity and a  rapid transformation model with a non-judgemental approach.

We're 'down to earth' people with a wealth of knowledge that can elevate you to a higher altitude of health, wellness, mindset and consciousness and help you reach your highest potential in the quickest possible way.

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