Science is Dynamic

There are a lot of 'buzz words' out there, like mindfulness, mindset, psychology, head-space, heart-space and that's just in the coaching & counselling rhelms.

The business rhelm has another set of terminology. Change management incorporates many of them - these normally appear in a type of bingo covertly played between colleagues during management or team meetings.

Have you ever wondered why people have tended to stay in the same industry for their entire careers? Many specialised industries have their own language and meanings - however for those of us who've learned to interpret, switching industries and establishing the 'transferable skillsets' can be much easier.

Similar to polyglots or multi-lingual people who can change countries with ease due to knowing the local language and culture.

A fundamental understanding of why Rapid Transformation therapy works, the science and psychology behind it, and also why YOU really do have the power to change is understanding how our minds interpret the world, social landscape and the language used. Similar to the IT & other systems we create to make our lives easier, we can reprogram ourselves too.

Change is only scary because we've been taught to fear it! .... Guilt, Shame and Fear are used to maintain control, and we see it on a broader scale in politics and society... the media 'program' our thinking on a repetitive loop, tell us what to think, believe, value and what the latest 'must haves' are. Social norms and Cultures are created from a set of collectively held beliefs about the world, and although relatively stable, it changes over time.

Our Beliefs are created by what we consistently tell ourselves, about ourselves and about the world around us. What we believe to be true, then perpetuates and creates our story. Much of which is subconscious to make it easier to navigate our lives without thinking about it.

Those of us who drive a car have inevitably found we've driven a route that's familiar and later have no recollection of it - we use our in built auto-pilot in everyday life all the time, doing things without needing to think about it.

We then need to employ 'mindfulness' techniques to figure out how our lives turned out nothing like the initial plan.

What if you could change all of it?
How would you DESIGN your life?

Science has evolved as it was always meant to ... Are our schools teaching out of date information to children?

How do we change our beliefs ? .. about ourselves and the world around us?

How does the story we tell ourselves creates the life we live?

How can we live our lives on our terms while respecting those with different beliefs?

The Answer is...

We all have the power to change anything and everything in our lives, it takes a conscious choice to do things differently. Radical responsibility for our own lives & how we show up in every situation can empower us to be, do or have anything we choose ... The question is, what is it that you want?

This is how RTT can help, it's based on science and guided by intuition to help you discover the hidden beliefs that are holding you back from the most Empowered version of YOU!

I love talking about RTT and self development as I've lived to tell the tale of many challenging and also fun life lessons ... however Gregg Braden is a powerful speaker and researcher and shares his wisdom here.

I'd love to know your thoughts.

Love & Light